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In Silent Memory and Reflection 11/22/00

With each New Year there comes a time of sweet and sorrowful reflection. A time to consider all that has been fulfilled and all the ways we've made a difference in Luke's memory. Please take a moment of silence on November 22nd and contemplate the innocent life that has been the driving force behind our mission to serve disadvantaged children for 21 years (2001-2022). Our collective efforts have enhanced the lives of thousands of children in need. Together, we have brought necessary Hope to their lives in heartfelt and meaningful ways.

Thank you again for keeping Luke in your thoughts and prayers on November 22nd and for your steadfast support throughout the years. We are eternally grateful for your encouragement and committment and the healing that it has offered us.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude...

Sincerely yours,
Bill and Suzanne

Woman Holding a Baby